Abastecedor Rotatable Single Layer Seven Spices Rack Tray

A spice rack designed to create a strong visual presentation of herbs and spices.



This will keep the kitchen's aesthetic and perfect as a décor. This Spice Rack also keeps the spices within easy reach and will put all the seasonings at your fingertips. This Rack tray is also equipped with a smooth rotating base that features a carousel design which can give you a gourmet look and feel. A simple twist, three choices. Basic and classic, our EASY SPRINKLE spice bottle has an efficient shape and a no-frills operation. The optional 7-bottle spice rack will keep all your favorites in one convenient place. It is made of environmentally-friendly hygienic glass with an adjustable top to sprinkle or pour and is shaped for a compact spaces.



• Rotating Base for convenient and hassle free use
• Includes (7) Seven Spice Containers
• Store your spices in a practical and space-saving way.