Best Selling in Japan Honeycomb Non-Stick Wok Pan

Best Selling Wok Pan in Japan Now in the Philippines!

  • Full - Screen Honeycomb – The stainless steel honeycomb pattern forms a stunning and durable scratch-resistant surface, metal utensils safe, reduce the generation of oil smoke at the same time, extremely suitable for intensive use.

  • Six-layer composite steel,Fast even heating; perfect for steak Browning and Searing, Need less oil for egg cooking, Very easy to clean

  • work well with different cookers, suitable for induction cooker, gas stove, electric stove, electric ceramic stove.

  • Scratch resistant,diamond-shaped honeycomb structure design,cooks like stainless steel with the benefits of non-stick cleanup; metal utensil safe-won't scratch or alter the cooking surface


  • Easy To Clean – Stainless Steel Frying Pan Cleaning is so easy and fast. Not sticky, easy to clean, and very light; Wipe clean with a damp rag and no detergent required but maybe a little.

  • No Toxic Coating – PTFE / PFOA / LEAD / CADMIUM FREE. Environmental non-stick coating. Just need a little oil, there is less fumes than iron skillet when cooking, which can ensure a healthy life for you and your family.