Korean Hanaro Square Multi Roaster Griller

Natural Heat Discharge - Automatic Oil Exhaustion


Equipped with a coating in the form of a path to flow oil during the roasting process, all the oil will be flowed into the drain that is belowand oil can be stored so it doesn't make the food burn and smell.

Easy to use and suitable for all types of gas stoves on the market
Its use is quite easy and easy, that is, just put it on the gas stove
The roaster is ready to be used delivering the temperatureheat perfectly.
Automatic oil discharge structure: open multiple bolts in the middle of the pan and place the cup under the oil container to enjoy food with less oil

Natural heat release
A small release hole around the bottom of the disk is created and the diffuse heat is released out naturally.
There is nothing to worry about where it is burned or scorched and stuck to the bottom of the pot.
The case which holds the heat and where it burns the excess heat from the pan has been removed


The handle is separated and prevented from heating up.
Cook with enough heat space given between discs
Durable, Space Saving, Easy to Use