Magic Hose Expandable Flexible Plastic With Spray Gun

Automatically expandable to 3 times the length



High Quality: Tougher and longer lasting than the alternatives, ours has a thicker outer shell, core that's more flexible, and metal couplings instead of plastic. Get the one that lives up to the claims.

Expand: Once filled with water it will triple is size to extend across your yard or driveway.


Durable: A thick inner core is covered by a durable webbing, and each fitting is attached with a metal coupling. When compared to other options it will work better and last longer.
Lightweight. Much lighter than traditional hoses, and other bulky, non-kinking alternatives. The material makes it effortless for anyone to use it, but it doesn't reduce durability or longevity.


Kink Proof: With no chance of twisting or tangling, you never have to worry about loss of water flow like you do with other options.

Contracts: Once you turn the water off, the hose will quickly shrink down and become small again. It practically puts itself away, and the compact size allows for easy storage almost anywhere.

On/Off Valve: A quick flip of the switch will turn the water flow on or off. Easily pause to prevent damage, move locations, or complete another task.